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TH671ST: The Outdoor Projector for Your Next Watch Party



The uncompromised quality from BenQ projectors provides more than enough brightness (lumens) for outdoor projection and can be set up within minutes.


So the next time you are looking to step up your movie night, football game, or outdoor party, be sure to get a BenQ projector. The best part about BenQ projectors is that the affordability doesn’t compromise quality.

 Short Throw DLP Home Theater Projection: Taking Entertainment to the Big Screen 


TH671ST maximizes thrills in minimal space, requiring as little as 5 FEET to project stunning 100 INCH picture. A larger-than-life screen with high 1080p resolution, 3000-lumen brightness, powerful 5W stereo speakers, and easy setup. TH671ST brings heart-pounding action to your living room with 16.67ms low input lag and microsecond DMD response time for an ultra-smooth picture. We've virtually eliminated unwanted motion blur and image lag.

TH671ST short throw projector 100 inch from 5 feet


3,000 Lumen Brightness for All Lighting Environments

3000 lumens of high brightness let you watch in relatively bright settings or even with lights on. Perfect for living rooms. Play games or watch sports & movies with family during the day, no problem. BenQ's LumiExpert actively detects ambient light conditions in your viewing environment and automatically adjusts balanced visual brightness. 

TH671ST 3000 Lumen Brightness LumiExpert




 Kensington Lock to Discourage Theft

Designed for businesses to secure tabletop projectors, the Kensington lock interface provides “physical” security to meeting room projectors. BenQ business projectors are each built with a security bar to deter opportunistic thieves.



 Best-in-class Outdoor Sports Projector


The perfect gift for the sports enthusiast & a great way to keep your guests entertained outdoors!



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