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  • HT1085ST

BenQ Soft Carrying Case for Selected Projectors


Model Highlights

Soft Carrying Case for MX710, MX711, MX660, MS614, MX615, MS612ST, MX613ST, MX660P, MX615+, MX701, MX501, MS500, MS500+, MP611, MP575, MP615P, MP625P,MP612,MP622, MP512/ST, MP623/MP624,MP523, MS510, MX511,MW512, MX716, W700, W710ST, W1060, EP5920, MW814ST, MX816ST, MW817ST, MS502, MX503, MX520, MX703, MX720, MW721, W1070, W1080ST, MW663, MS616ST, MX618ST, MX661, MX662, MH680, MX600, MS619ST, MX620ST, MW621ST, HT1075, HT1085ST, MS524, MX525,MW526, MX819ST, MW820ST, MX823ST, MW824ST, MW712, MW516, MS513, MX514, MX813ST, MW815ST, MS517, MX518, MW519, MS521, MX522, MW523, MX723, MX570, MS504A, MX631ST, MW632ST, MW571, MW705, MS524A, MX525A, MW526A, MH530

P/N: 5J.J3T09.001

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90 day Warranty