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Google Jamboard- The Smart Interactive Board

Google Interactive White Board


Jamboard creates a fun, interactive environment for all students.

The intuitive tools are simple to learn and the various drawing, writing, and sketching options encourage creativity. Jamboard’s collaborative nature sparks creativity and increases student engagement.

What makes the Jamboard a Smarter Interactive Board compared to other comparable products?

Connected to the Cloud

With cloud connectivity, teachers can add images and web content from Google Search to the board. Jamboard auto-saves a copy of your Jam session in Google Drive, so you can come back to it later. If a teacher wants to reference a diagram they drew or notes they took in yesterday’s lesson, the Jam can be pulled back up from Google Drive, just the way they left it. Never write “DO NOT ERASE” ever again.

Google Interactive Smart Board


The 1:1, student to laptop ratio is standard in many K-12 classrooms and the schools that are adopting this, are choosing Chromebooks. Google Chromebooks are the number one laptop sold to US K-12 Schools. Educators are drawn to Chromebooks because of the simple interface and G Suite integration. The Jamboard app can easily be downloaded onto Chromebooks alongside the other G Suite apps 


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