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BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Angled View

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BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp


Model Highlights

Light up your desk. Free up your space.

ScreenBar is a revolutionary lighting system. Simply hang it on your monitor to light up your desk without taking up any valuable space. With automatic dimmer and asymmetric optical design, ScreenBar illuminates the working space with USB power, avoiding reflectively glare off your computer screen.

Key Features

  • Auto Dimming

  • Space Saving Design

  • Screen Glare Free

  • USB Powered

  • Mood Lighting

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BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Less is More



Simplify the Complicated, Eliminate the Excess

Auto Diming - Space Saving Design - No Screen Glare


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Style



Less is More

Enhance work pleasure and relieve eye strain

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Less is More



Remove Eye Strain

Eye care: brightness is key

Staring at the screen for a long time can cause eye irritation. Eliminate this discomfort, resting can help, but the key to relieving eye strain is sufficient lighting.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp Research
Research shows that we work on the computer for an average of 5.7 hours each day.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp American National Standard Practice
 The American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting recommends an illuminance level at 500 Lux.



No more guessing

The built-in ambient light sensor automatically illuminates to 500 lux

How bright is right? No need to guess anymore! The BenQ ScreenBar is equipped with a sensor that promptly detects the surrounding brightness and then supplements it with just the right amount of light.

BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Automatic Light Sensor



No Base = More Space

The patented clip design instantly attaches to any monitor.

With BenQ's unique design, there is no need for tape of screws that damage your computer.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp No Base



No Reflection, Only Precision Lighting

The asymmetrical optical design ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

The BenQ ScreenBar has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and doesn't shine on the screen, avoidding reflective screen glare.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp No Reflection



Have a Crystal Clear Working Area

The 500 Lux illuminance ensures that you can see everything in front of your screen clearly.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Desk Surface Light



Quality LED Light Source Ensures Proper Eye Care


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Non-Flicker


Compliant with IEEE PAR1789 regulation of flicker in LED lighting

BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp No Blue Light Hazard

No Blue Light Hazard

IEC/TR 62778 assessment deemed the BenQ ScreenBar free of blue light hazard.



Adjustable Color Temperature = Increased Work Efficiency and Eye Comfort

All eight colors are compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) LED lighting chromaticity standard.


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Adjustable Color Temperature



Less is More

Eliminate the excess, keeping only what you need!


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Design


BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp Mapping


International Safety Certifications

BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Lamp International Safety Certifications


Material Safety

The materials used in the BenQ ScreenBar are complicit with the RoHS (2002/95/EC) standards of the EU, securing they do not contain any unsafe heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury.


Blue Light Hazard Evaluation

All of the LED sources have passed the European Union IEC/TR 62778 assessment of the light source and blue light hazard, thus are classified as risk-free light sources.



Light Source LED
Color Rendering Index >80
Illuminance 800 Lux in center (height 45cm)
Luminous Flux 320lm
Color Temperature 2700k~6500k
Power Input 5V USB Port
Power Consumption 5W (max.)
Materials Aluminium alloy, Polycarbonate
Dimensions 45cm x 9cm x 9.2cm
Net Weight 0.53kg