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Model Highlights

  • 4K UHD resolution for stunning image clarity

  • Germ-Resistant Screen

  • Smart Eye-Care solution

  • Instant plug and play

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Germ-Resistant Screen

The Germ-Resistant Screen is empowered by a multilayer coating of the non-toxic, enduring nano ionic silver agent that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevent cross-infection or epidemic in classrooms. The ionic silver's antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.



* SGS Test Confirmed SGS is the world's leading inspection and verification company, providing internationally approved testing services to verify product quality and performance. Placing our trust in SGS's best-in-class facilities and world-recognized integrity, we had their experts carefully evaluate the screen's antimicrobial efficacy. Proved by the JIS Z 2801:2010 testing methods, the result shows that BenQ's Germ-Resistant Screen can effectively restrain the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. To maintain antimicrobial efficacy, please frequently wipe your touch screen with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth moisturized with a neutral detergent.

Smart Eye-Care Solution

The Smart Eye-Care solution can function intuitively with the help of the embedded motion sensor. For a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, RP654K will automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features by detecting the movement of users close to the screen.

*For Android devices, BenQ's RP654K will automatically set screen backlight to a comfortable setting instead of switching to the Low Blue Light mode.


TÜV-Certified Low Blue Light Technology

Blue light emissions from displays may cause adverse health effects such as macular degeneration or disrupted melatonin secretion. BenQ's Low Blue Light technology minimizes blue light exposure and allows for healthier time spent in front of the display, helping you create the best and most comfortable viewing experience for you and your students.



TÜV-Certified Flicker-Free Technology

Flickering, which is the main cause for eye strain and visual fatigue, is the result of rapid change of bright backlight, a common phenomenon in most displays using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) that turns the backlight on and off quickly in order to control the display's level of backlight brightness. BenQ's Flicker-Free technology is meticulously designed to remove LED backlight flickering while providing a zero-flicker viewing experience. This effectively reduces CVS-related eye problems and alleviates discomfort caused by looking at the screen all day.


With Anti-Glare

Without Anti-Glare



Anti-Glare Display

Screen glare can cause reflected images on the screen, making it challenging for students to see, take notes, and remain focused. The RP750K's anti-glare glass surface can effectively reduce reflections, freeing students from excessive squinting with more legible text and clearer images, avoiding eye strain and facilitating more effective instruction.

With Anti-Glare

Without Anti-Glare


LCD Size‎ 65"‎
Light source‎ DLED‎
Resolution (Pixels)‎ UHD 3840x 2160 pixels‎
Brightness (Typical)‎ 350 nits‎
Contrast Ratio (Typical)‎ 1,200:1‎
Response Time (ms)‎ 8ms‎
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)‎ 178°/178°‎
Color Gamut (x% NTSC)‎ 72%‎
Panel Bit (8 or 10)‎ 10 bit‎
Light Life (Typical)‎ 30,000 hours‎
Display Orientation‎ Landscape‎
Voltage‎ 100V-240V, 50/60Hz‎
Typical (Watt)‎ 210W‎
Touch Technology‎ IR Touch‎
Numbers of Touch‎ Up to 20 Point Multi-touch‎
Resolution (points area function)‎ 32,767*32,767‎
Touch interface‎ x2 (USB type B) ‎
OS Supported‎ Windows XP/7/8/10/WinCE/Vista/Linux/Mac/Android/Chrome‎
Tempered glass‎ 4mm, Tempered Glass‎
Anti-Glare (AG) Coating‎ Yes‎
Germ-Resistant Screen‎ Yes‎
Line Out (Audio Out, 3.5mm)‎ x1‎
Internal Speaker‎ 16Wx2‎
Line In (3.5mm)‎ x1‎
MIC (3.5mm)‎ N/A‎
Coax Output‎ x1‎
AC Power‎
Power (AC) Input‎ x1‎
Power Switch‎ x1‎
Basic IO‎
Slot-in-PC‎ x1‎
Display Port‎ x1‎
VGA Input‎ x1‎
VGA Output‎ N/A‎
HDMI Input‎ x3 (2.0x1, 1.4x2) ‎
HDMI Output‎ x1‎
OPS Slot‎ N/A‎
Legacy IO‎
Composite Video In‎ x1 ‎
USB Player (Photo, Video)‎ x6 (2.0x5, 3.0x1)‎
RS232 Input‎ x1‎
RJ45 Port‎ x1‎
Firmware Update‎ USB/OTA‎
Weight (Without Packing / With Packing)‎ 49kg/61kg‎
Wall Mounting (VESA) (mm)‎ 4 holes (800x400mm)
Screw M8x 25mm‎
Handle‎ x2‎
Pen Tray‎ x1‎
Dimension (WxHxD) (mm)‎ 1,521x967x128mm‎
NFC Reader/Writer‎ x1‎
OSD‎ English/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ German/ Dutch/ Polish/ Russian/ Czech/ Danish/ Swedish/ Italian/ Romanian/ Finnish/ Norwegian/ Greek/ Turkish/ Arabic/ Japanese (21 Languages)‎
Package / Accessory‎
Remote Controller‎ x1‎
Power Cord (By Region)‎ x4 (1.8m)‎
Audio Cable‎ x 1 (5m)‎
VGA Cable‎ x 1 (5m)‎
Quick Start Guide‎ x1‎
User's Manual Electronic File‎ x1‎
Touch USB Cable‎ x 1 (10m)‎
Touch Pen (Stylus)‎ x2 (NFC)‎
Software License Card‎ x1‎
Slot-in-PC‎ Yes‎
Trolley‎ Yes‎
USB WiFi Dongle‎ Yes‎
QCast HDMI Streaming Dongle‎ Yes‎
Wall Mount‎ Yes‎