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BenQ MW571H WXGA 3300 ANSI Lumens Business Projector

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BenQ MW571H WXGA 3300 ANSI Lumens Business Projector

M5 Series

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Ideal for use in classrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, and On-the-go presentations, the BenQ MW571 will help you present your best. Delivering an impressive 3200 ANSI lumens bright image with a stunning 13,000:1 contrast ratio, the MW571 delivers fantastic WXGA resolution presentations with crisp image details and rich, vibrant colors to make your presentations stand out. 

Packed with an impressive list of advanced features, the MW571 will satisfy even the most demanding applications. HDMI for digital connectivity, Powerful full range 10 Watt audio, up to 10,000-hour lamp life for reduced cost of operation, RJ45 for management and control LAN control and much more.

  • Native WXGA (1280x800) resolution

  • 3,300 ANSI Lumens

  • 13,000:1 High Contrast Ratio

  • Full HD 3D support

  • HDMI

  • Network Standby <0.5W

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BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology for energy conservation


SmartEco™ Technology helps lower total cost of ownership while optimizing projector performance through dynamic power savings, providing uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life – BenQ’s SmartEco technology has perfected the power efficiencies DLP projectors can deliver. These innovations allow schools and corporations to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption with the added benefit of lower maintenance costs. Projectors with BenQ SmartEco™ Technology deliver lasting ultra-vivid viewing experiences.

MX571 eco


SmartEco Mode

The SmartEco mode dynamically adjusts lamp power to maximize power saving while delivering the best possible contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed.




*SmartEco Mode. Dynamic power saving mode can save up to 70% power based on the content brightness level requirements.


Eco Blank Mode

Eco Blank mode allows teachers to blank the projection screen when they need to direct their students' focus back on them – or simply when the projector is not in use. When activated, this special feature dims lamp power automatically, lowering the total power consumption by up to 70%.





Full Power On
100% Lamp Power
Attention on the Projection






Eco Blank Mode On
30% Lamp Power
at the Lowest Attention on the Class



LampSave Mode

Fewer lamp replacements and less maintenance translates into a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The LampSave mode does this by dynamically adjusting the lamp power to match the content being displayed. Extending projector lamp life by up to 50% as compared to normal mode.



Built-in 10W Speaker

The MW571 features a powerful built-in 10W speaker with rich, balanced tonal range to deliver clear, easy to understand audio. Enabling teachers to teach with ease and students to learn more effectively.


Blu-ray Full 3D Supported

BenQ MW571 is built with latest DLP technology to support 3D functionality, allowing schools to bring an immersive learning experience to their students with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content.



Instant restart

Changed your mind after powering off the projector? The Instant Restart feature gives users a 90-second window to turn the projector back on after it has been powered off – The lamp will come back on instantly…no waiting necessary.

Instant restart


Built-in Innovative Teaching Templates

To make your teaching job easier, BenQ has added a teaching template function to the MW571. Now, with three different line pattern designs to choose from – Letter Formation, Worksheet and Coordinate Chart patterns. Easily write or draw on whiteboards as well as blackboards without the need of drawing lines or charts.



LAN Monitor and Control with Crestron and PJ-Link

LAN Control is designed to help IT managers schedule projector maintenance tasks effectively and efficiently, providing full access and control over every projector directly from any authorized computer on the network. The MW571 offers seamless support for the Crestron and PJ-Link LAN Control systems.


BenQ DLP® Projectors︱ Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Timeless Image Quality:
Colorific™ Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year

BenQ uses Colorific technology to optimize images for specific color balance effects for diverse applications such as presentations, movies and spreadsheets and photographs. Every BenQ Colorific projector generates more than one billion colors by combining up to seven different colors to create vibrant, true to life images. You'll also experience dramatic contrasts for remarkable clarity, higher impact, and greater legibility. BenQ's Colorific projectors are dependable year after year. You can rely on the colors to remain the same from day one to a decade later--without the risk of fading, ghosted images, or yellowing.

•   Accurate. Over 1 billion colors - compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors

•    Crisp. Bright, high contrast picture - 3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models

•    Long-Lasting. Consistent quality - image is the same now and years from now



Non-DLP Projector




BenQ DLP Projector




DLP Technology also includes a filter-free engine design for carefree confidence in long-lasting image quality and reduced TCO. BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology further boosts contrast performance and image quality endurance while saving up to 70% on lamp power consumption.


Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability:

Enabling a 96% fill factor, DLP Technology supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thereby eliminating the thick dark bezels around individual pixels, which diminishes color and detail. A higher fill factor and less black border translate into noticeably purer, more intense color and smoother image quality.

BenQ DLP Projectors also feature high contrast ratios for flawless rendering of small text, fine lines, and dark scene details. Blacks are deeper and overall image quality is more focused and clean. Your presentations will be easily readable and highly effective, even from the back row of a well-lit room.



Vibrant, True-to-Life Colors:

Even in well-lit venues, BenQ DLP Projectors achieve the optimal balance of brightness and color accuracy. BrilliantColor™ technology additionally boosts true-to-life colors that captivate. BrilliantColor enables up to six-color processing by incorporating the secondary colors Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta along with the primary Red, Blue, and Green colors. From intense hues to elusive mid-tones like aqua blues and light yellows, every presentation is rendered in pure, living splendor.




(All photos portraying projection scenarios are simulated.)

ecoFACTS Label


ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!

Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

  • Arsenic-free optical glass
  • BFR/PVC-free casing plastics
  • PVC-free plastic packaging