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Jamboard Annual Management and Support Fee | Renewal


For each Jamboard you buy, you need one management license. Your existing license(s) can be renewed annually — either directly from BenQ Store or Jamboard authorized reseller.

How to renew?

  • Purchased through BenQ Store? Simply log in to BenQ Store, you will be able to retrieve the license renewal information under “my subscription”. The “renewal” button will be available to proceed the renewal order process.
  • Purchased through a reseller? Please contact the reseller who you originally purchased your Jamboard license(s) from. You may also contact BenQ Jamboard Team at [email protected], we can help you to direct to the right reseller.

Any question on how to renew through BenQ Store, feel free to call 1-888-818-5888 for assistance.

If you choose not to renew the annual license for your board(s), you will have the ability to either deactivate your boards (factory reset) or move the boards into a “Standalone Unlicensed Mode”. In this mode, the board will no longer have collaborative functionality or association with your G Suite domain. You will not be able to take ownership or share Jams with others. Without the license, the board(s) will no longer be eligible for software or device support through Google. You will still be able to author Jams and export them to PDF. More information here.

Jamboard License Renewal FAQs, click here.