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Crystal Table Light Silver

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Crystal Table Light Silver

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With illumination and imagination, the Crystal Light, an LED lighting fixture, amazes consumers with its fascinating color-changing feature. It's composed of various "crystals"--shimmering with silver, sparkling like diamonds, glittering with illuminating reflection. Consumers can assemble these "crystals", each of which is connected by a magnet, into any form they desire. The interactive feature is made possible by LED's low-temperature characteristics. Consumers can change the light mode with a remote control to create different lighting effects to fit their moods and environments. The Crystal Light not only provides consumers with illumination, but also stimulates their imagination.

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The concept of the Crystal Light is derived from natural growing crystal that diffuses amazing shimmers of light. It is a high tech fixture composed of a series of lighting units, each of which sports a crystal-like look and connected by magnet with adjacent units.

When the Crystal Light is switched off, the metal look emits a mysterious image, as if it were just unearthed. When switched on, light from LED bulb hidden inside of each unit, beams though the diffuser.

Colors of the Crystal Light change in rhythm, like rays of light glistening within crystal, transforming the metal surface into a seducing luminescent show.



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