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Pendant / Suspension LED Lamps & Lighting from QisDesign, a BenQ company

3 product(s)

  • Aurelia Suspension Lamp Blue

    Aurelia Suspension Lamp Blue

    Be allured Mesmerizing, amazing, beautiful--Aurelia, the Moon Jellyfish, evokes a sense of tra...

    Reg Price $550.00


  • Infinito Suspension Lamp Silver

    Infinito Suspension Lamp Silver

    The Infinito Light is an LED suspension lamp for a one-of-a-kind dining experience and serves bot...

    Reg Price $1,800.00


  • Seagull Suspension Lamp Silver

    Seagull Suspension Lamp Silver

    The design is inspired by the seagull that carries an image of being free, light and yet strong. ...


3 product(s)