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TK800 Affordable 4K DLP Movie Projector with HDR - Home Cinema | BenQ

TK800 provides images of inaccurate colors and still preserves dark details in total clarity. BenQ TK800 projectors are the perfect gift for film lovers since they will be able to enjoy their favorite movies with an amazing 4k projector.  The best part is that it is an affordable 4k movie projector that doesn't compromise on quality!




See in even well lit rooms! With TK800's 3000 Lumens

For football watch parties or backyard BBQs with custom Football & Sport modes cut through the ambient light even in bright living rooms,

and the powerful sound with CinemaMaster Audio+ 2  technology puts you right in the action as if you’re in the stadium.

 TK800 for Sports and Movies




Immersive 3D for Movie Lovers!

3D creates an even more stunningly lifelike experience, completely immersing you in every scene.


 Immersive 3d TK800


 Clear 4K:Razor-Sharp 120” image with 4K UHD True 8.3 million Pixels

With four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, 4K UHD reduces pixel blur for stunning clarity and crisply defined fine details.


 Best-in-class Affordable 4k Movie and Sports Projector

The perfect gift for the entire family




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